A major in Human Resources will provide you with a wide variety of knowledge ranging from communications to finance to ethics.  Human Resources is a multi-disciplinary field.  It offers employment as a generalized human resources manager or you may decide to follow a particular pathway to a more specialized vocation.

Human Resources is defined as the management of employees, implementation of policies and development of personnel within an organization.  A Human Resources major will prepare you for employment by a corporation or self-employment in a variety of expertise, such as arbitration and consultation services. 

Before you decide to embark upon a Human Resources major, it may be helpful to conduct a self-assessment to ensure you are suited for this type of work.  Leadership is key role in human resources; strategies and application of business, human behavior and ethical principles form primary responsibilities.  However, leadership must not come at the cost of persuasiveness and understanding of cultural differences.  The ideal Human Resources major is able to work under pressure without sacrificing integrity.  Finally, confidentiality is a significant factor.  Human Resources personnel are privy to personal employee information.  All these attributes build trustworthiness and cooperation between a Human Resources major and employees, which are requisite commodities.

To prepare you for success in Human Resources, a varied curriculum is presented.  Advanced writing skills, research methods, computer-based systems, moral and ethical issues, accounting, employment law, labor relations, psychology, microeconomics, management, organization, marketing and mathematics are typical courses included in a Human Resources program.

The future for Human Resources majors looks exceptional.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts employment will grow faster than average and Human Resources Majors graduates will have the edge on the excellent job openings.  New legislation and court rulings regarding work standards will have a positive effect on the number of jobs available.  You will likely work in comfortable office settings.  Extensive travel may be required.