If you are creative and passionate about bringing your artist talents to life, an Art and Design major may be an excellent career pathway.  Art and Design majors abound in many artistic fields and are suitable for practically every form of art, whether it be traditional or technical.

The art industry is expansive and, in some cases, disciplines overlap.  An Art and Design major will teach you many skills, including how to develop ideas into reality through research, planning your project and, ultimately, completing your vision with the assistance of computer programs, hand drawn sketches and modeling.  Analytical abilities and communication skills are vital in the Art and Design field, as you will need to assist other professionals or clients to envision your project in final form in order to obtain employment or clientele.

The following is a sampling of the numerous careers available in the Art and Design field:
• 3D Design
• Animation
• Game Design
• Graphic Design
• Website Design
• Cartooning
• Cinematography
• Film
• Photography
• Advertising
• Fashion Design
• Industrial Design
• Interior Design
• Landscape Design
• Drafting
• Fine Arts
• Painting
• Drawing
• Sculpture
• Art Education
• Art History
• Floral Design
• Exhibit Design

As the above list demonstrates, an Art and Design Major offers many career choices.  Some fields may have stiff competition due to scarce job openings, while others are in great demand.  Earning an Art and Design Major also presents the possibility of creating your own job opportunity through self-employment.

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