Students enrolled in IT and Computers majors (also known as a Major in Computer and Information Science) graduate with an in-depth knowledge of computer programming, software engineering, networking and databases.

The IT and Computer curriculum permits students to have extensive hands-on learning to develop problem solving skills.  Much of an IT and Computer major’s job description consists of design, development and implementation of databases, software applications, network systems and information technology projects.

A successful IT and Computer major graduate has excellent management and supervisory skills, written and verbal communications abilities, critical and analytical thinking capabilities, leadership and team aptitudes, decision making skills and stress and time management talents.  An IT and Computer vocation can be quite stressful due to time sensitive projects and the need to manage several projects simultaneously.

To equip students with the above knowledge and skills, an IT and Computer major curriculum includes coursework on programming, technical writing, software engineering principles and techniques, web database development, physical science, research, biology, psychology or sociology, computer-based systems, information literacy and business management.  Typically, 120 credits consisting of 30 major credits, 49 minor credits, and 41 general education credits are required to graduate.

IT and Computers majors alumni work in offices and often spend long hours on the job, up to 50 hours per week.  The career outlook is excellent according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  An expected growth of 17 percent to 2018 is forecast.  New technology is constantly evolving and this will create a need for qualified personnel to update systems.  As well, security for the integrity of technology systems will drive the expansion of job openings for IT and Computer majors.

Earning an IT and Computers major will best prepare students to obtain employment in this field, as specialized knowledge acquired through their studies will be in great demand in this field.

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