Students enrolled in a Criminal Justice major will acquire in-depth knowledge about the United States criminal system, law enforcement, criminal behavior and philosophy of criminal behavior.  A Criminal Justice program involves a broad social science curriculum including:
• Sociology
• Political Science
• Psychology
• Philosophy
• Law
• Urban Studies
• Public Administration

Careers in Criminal Justice are typically categorized into one of the following:
• Law Enforcement
• Corrections
• Probations
• Victim Services
• Administration

A graduate in Criminal Justice can expect that he or she will be employed in some form of public service.  Criminal Justice is a rewarding career, but also carries heavy responsibilities and, oftentimes, stress in fulfilling job duties.  For this reason, a potential criminal justice employee must:
• Be mentally healthy
• Be physically capable
• Have a clean background record
• Able to work with people in distressing situations
• Able to utilize self-restraint
• Exercise self-discipline

The United States criminal justice system works at three different degrees:  local; state; and, federal.  The majority of job openings are at local and state levels.  For instance, an aspiring police officer is more likely to be hired by a county law enforcement agency, where he or she will be expected to perform a wide array of duties.

Criminal Justice career possibilities include:
• Police Officer
• Police Detective
• Corrections Officer
• Probations Officer
• Bailiff
• Drug Enforcement Agent
• Border Agent
• Immigrations Inspector
• Customs Inspector
• Postal Service
• Bureau of Indian Affairs Office of Law Enforcement
• Department of State
• US Marshall
• Federal Bureau of Investigation Agent
• National Park Service
• Forest Service
• Private Detective
• Forensic Scientist
• Private Security

Prospective law enforcement and corrections services employees can expect a physical examination, rigorous physical fitness testing and written and oral examinations prior to being offered employment.

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