A Business Major enables a graduate to pursue diverse job opportunities in a number of fields.  The number of students earning a Business Major exceeds all other majors.  Coursework in a Business Major includes business strategy, accounting, finance, operations management and statistics.

In addition, you will learn practical skills such as conducting research, developing analytical abilities, effective communications and working in a team environment.  Excellent interpersonal relations are a necessity.  Time management is an essential skill for a Business Major.  True success as a business major involves a high degree of self-motivation.

Occupations that Business Major alumni qualify for include:
• Accountant
• Auditor
• Appraisers
• Economics
• Banking
• Finance
• Advertising
• Business Administration and Management
• Computer and Information Systems
• Human Resources Management
• Project Management
• Public Relations
• Business Law
• International Business
• E-Commerce
• Real Estate Agents
• Personal Finance Advisors

Some of the above vocations, such as real estate agents, personal finance advisors, insurance adjusters and underwriters, may have to write certification examinations prepared and evaluated by a professional association prior to obtaining a license to work in these fields.

If your dream is to own and operate your own business, an Entrepreneurial Studies Major will teach how you to recognize consumer trends and build your business from the ground up.  Starting a business is a risky venture at times, but an Entrepreneurial major will ensure that you have the necessary knowledge to equip you to triumph in your endeavors.

Schools that offer this program