Doctoral Degree

A Doctoral Degree is an intense program, which offers the highest level of education possible. Doctoral Degrees are either research or professional designations. Students who wish to obtain their Doctoral Degree must have completed a Master’s Degree in their field prior to consideration by the educational institute as a potential doctorate student.

Additionally, students are required to undertake an examination process before final acceptance into a doctoral program. Typically, students must undergo a general written examination, based on graduate core material, which is assessed and graded by a general examination committee. Prospective students must pass this examination to proceed further in their candidacy application. The next step may include a qualifying procedure, by which the student participates in academic courses and attains a specified grade. Finally, the student is tested by a committee via a general oral examination on core materials. Once all of these stringent conditions have been met, the student is accepted into a doctoral degree program.

A Doctoral Degree program can be a 3 to 4 year program. Annual evaluations are typical. The first two years consists of coursework, field examination, research activities and papers. During the third year, students decide upon their research topic and complete either a thesis or dissertation. Third year activities may continue into a fourth year.

The Doctoral Degree program comprises approximately 30 to 40 courses or 90 to 120 semester credits.

Doctoral Degrees instruct students how to think innovatively and work independently. These abilities must be demonstrated before the Doctoral Degree is awarded, even if the student has fulfilled the technical prerequisites.

The most common doctoral degrees bestowed are in education, philosophy and psychology fields.

Doctoral degrees are not in high demand and, accordingly, only a limited number of educational institutes may offer the programs. As an internship and on-campus attendance is generally required, students may have to consider relocation to attain a doctoral degree.