Campus Learning

There is an abundance of information about the pros and cons of learning via distance or online, but what about the pros and cons of campus learning? Campus learning has existed for centuries and continues to this day. This method of learning has proven beneficial for millions of students. At the same time, there are drawbacks to consider.

Campus learning has a feeling of unity with other students in striving to achieve learning goals. Interaction with fellow students is an important source of ideas exchanges and reinforcement of concepts. For some students, this is invaluable in assisting them to understand fully the materials presented.

Face-to-face contact with instructors and the opportunity to ask questions at the given time is another positive to campus learning. Professors have individual teaching styles and students may discover the method in which a professor conveys curriculum aids in retaining difficult theories. Most instructors set time aside to meet with individual students who are struggling to assimilate objectives.

One aspect to campus learning that many students require is a set routine. Self-discipline, motivational and self-directed skills may be difficult for some. These students find that a rigid schedule ensures they attend classes and complete assignments on time.

Not to be dismissed is the campus lifestyle. Attending campus, with its activities and events, is an experience that students cherish for the rest of their lives.

On the other side of the coin, campus learning can be quite inflexible. Courses may not be offered at convenient times or conflict with other courses a student needs to complete in his or her program. This may prolong the amount of time a student spends earning their degree.

Time is of the essence for many students who are juggling work, family and degrees. Commuting to and from campus is time consuming. Courses scheduled when the student is physically unable to attend can be roadblocks to completing a program.

Expense is also a major consideration. Tuition online is, in some cases, less expensive than campus fees. Students who earn their degree online also save on gas and child minding expenses.

Deciding whether to attend a campus or learn online, or a mixture of both, is a personal decision to which each student needs to give in-depth thought.