Applying 101

Admission regulations vary depending on the educational institute. Each college or university does set out its admission requirements very clearly however. The most important item to remember when you apply to enroll is to pay attention to deadline dates. Most admissions procedures have several deadlines by which documents must be submitted. If you miss any submission dates, you will lose your opportunity to enroll in that particular school. Attention to admissions regulations cannot be emphasized strongly enough.

As mentioned before, each school has individual rules regarding admissions but, nevertheless, there are some general similarities:

Acceptance of students based on prior educational performance may have the following conditions:

An interview with an admissions officer is typically compulsory. During the interview, the admissions officer will review applicable degree programs and discuss start dates. The admissions officer may also inform you about student financial aid, housing, career counseling and job placement services. Not every post-secondary institution offers the latter options, but many of the larger universities and colleges can assist students with some, if not all, of these important features.

After your application has been successfully accepted and you have interviewed with admissions staff, an open house or orientation session is often available to ease you into college or university life.